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Expat in the Netherlands

An expat is an employee who is being sent by his employer to work in another country temporary. The agreement between employer and employee mostly includes the length of the period abroad, or a minimum/maximum of the period.

An expat has to deal with a total different way of living than he/she is used in the country of origin. This asks a lot of adaptability from the expat, and other (possible) members of the family.


When an expat is moving abroad for a longer period, there are different kind of things that have to be arranged.

Depending on country of origin, work- and living permission can be necessary and a visa has to be requested. Expats have to register themselves at the local Town Hall with data about the new address and data from the Tax Authority. This is necessary for obtaining a personal Citizen Service Number (Burger Service Nummer, BSN). You need a Citizen Service Number to, for example, apply for insurances.

You will find more useful information for expats on this website.