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Insurance Residence

Contents Insurance

An insurance in the Netherlands which covers costs and damage because of burglary, fire, weather and water, is the so-called 'Inboedelverzekering' in Dutch (Contents Insurance ). It's important that the value of goods are noted, an appraisal might be desirable. Because of an appraisal, the sum insured can be determined. The sum insured sets following:

When there's is damage, there will be established if the sum insured is in line with the value of the insured object. When the situation is optimal, the sum insured is the same as the actual value. Though, there can also be a so-called under-insurance, over-insurance, or double-insurance. Through an appraisal, under-insurance, over-insurance and double-insurance can be prevent.

Premises Insurance

Expats who've bought a house in the Netherlands are obliged to take out a Premises Insurance. This is not only important so damages are covered, but it's also necessary to get a mortgage. If you have bought an apartment, the housing corporation should normally arrange the insurance. If this isn't the case, you have to provide this yourself.

Rent a residence

When you are going to rent a house or apartment, the owners of the residence pay the Premises Insurance. Expats have to arrange a Contents Insurance themselves for personal properties. This can vary from house to house, check this with the owner of the residence.

For more information about letting or renting a residence in the Netherlands, you can visit the website of Expats in Nederland.