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When taking out an insurance there are two parties involved, the insurer and insured. The insured is buying the insurance policy of the insurer, who is selling the insurance. We can define insurance as an equitable exchange of the risk of a loss, and payment.

When an expat settles in the Netherlands, it is recommendable to take out an insurance so unsolicited proceedings will be intercepted by the insurer.

Possible insurances

  1. Medical costs can be higher in the Netherlands than in the country of origin. When a medical insurance policy is being took out, medical costs will be covered.
  2. An insurance policy against burglary and damage can save you a lot of money and time when something is being damaged or taken away. For more information, see the website of
  3. For some juridical advice there can be taken out an insurance policy. It is possible you become involved in a labor dispute or a traffic accident where juridical advice can be necessary.
  4. When someone becomes unable to work through sickness or disability, an insurance might be desirable.

Health insurances

Expats are obligated to take out a health insurance when they are working in the Netherlands for a longer period, paying tax to the Tax Authority and transfer social security. When an expat is working for an international organization or is being payed from abroad, rules and possibilities might be different.

For more information you can contact a Dutch insurer.