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When you are going to live in the Netherlands, a (temporary) residence is necessary. You can buy or rent a house, depending on the wishes of your employer and the length of your stay.

Rent a house

When you want to rent a house, there are three possibilities regarding to the furnishing:

  1. Bold
    One possibility is to choose for a 'bold' residence. In a bold residence, the entire furnishing has still to be done, though most of the time a kitchen is included.
  2. Half furnished
    In a half furnished residence there aren't any pieces of furniture present, but basic elements are. You can think of carpets and lights.
  3. Furnished
    In a furnished house everything is present like furniture, cutlery, linen, curtains and so on.

Prices of rental houses

The price of a rental house is depending on location, surface and facilities. Most common residences are apartments, serial houses, semi detached houses, and detached houses.

Prices can vary from about € 300,- per month, to € 1800,- per month.
See for personal advice the website op Expats in Nederland.

When your income is relatively low comparing to the rental price of the residence, you can apply for a housing benefit.

Density of population

Because of the density of population in the Netherlands, houses are generally smaller than in other countries. The garage is mainly used as a storage area and in some cases you need special parking permission, especially in the center of the city.

Contract of lease

Rent contracts usually consist of general terms of conditions and actual conditions. Read these conditions well before signing the contract so things won't escape you. Make sure the correct rental price is mentioned, the correct date, the length of the contract, the responsible person for maintenance and repair, the guarantor and resignation.

For personal advise and finding the most appropriate residence, you can visit the website of Expats in Nederland.

Buy a house

There is also the possibility to buy a house. This can be beneficial when you have the intention to stay for a long period and you don't want to waste money on renting. For an expat this is not often useful and efficient because of the temporary stay.

When you wish personal advice about buying a house and its benefits, you can visit the website of Expats in Nederland as well.